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Running The Right Track In The Thicket Of Life (Inspiring Videos)

There are so many things you can learn from beagles & the sport of beagling. Lessons on how to be a better person, lessons to strengthen our faith, etc

God has blessed me so much with the chance to get to train dogs & learn from my experiences. In May of 2020 I felt led to start sharing my faith through things related to rabbit dogs & the life of a rabbit hunter. I hope you are blessed & inspired by each of these videos. They are designed to give a lot of information to help with your success in the field but also to hopefully help you to find more success in the thicket of life. We know as rabbit hunters that the dogs usually find what they need to be running by going into the briars & thickets to find a rabbit. In life, I have found that often the things I need to be running after requires me to go into life's thickets where I may get scratched up but God will show me what I need to be running by being where He wants me to be. May God bless you & thank you for watching the videos on this page.

Happy Mother's Day

My mother joins me as I share a few stories about things she taught me through some of the things she did in raising me. The info in this video among other things is:

How long is the gestation period for puppies?

What is a dam & what influence does the dam have on the puppies?

What are some tell tell signs that puppies are about to be born? 

(Video published 5/9/22)

Lessons From Pepper

Pepper is one of my studs that is a great producer of rabbit dogs. He is also consistent to throw something you would not expect. What is it? Watch & find out.

What can we learn from Pepper?

Do we stand out? If so what is it that makes you stand out?

What trait do we have in us that people can see that is different?

Are we making a path?

(Video published 8/1/2021)

Why Give?

Beaglers give their dogs food, water, shelter, etc but are we giving in other areas of our life?

Are you a giver? Why do we give? 

What are the benefits of giving?

(Video published 7/1/2021)

What Do You Do When Your Dog Is Having A Seizure Due To Low Sugar

What are the signs your dog is in a low sugar seizure? How do you fix the problem? How long does it take for the dog to come back around? Is there anything yo can do to help prevent it?

Is there a lesson in life that we can learn from this to apply our daily life?

(Video published 6/22/2021)

How I Ended Up With Rabbit Dogs

Sometimes our plans don't go down the exact way we think it will go. Life has many twist & turns & God takes us down some roads that we don't understand. This is a story of how God took me down a different path with getting rabbit dogs but in the end it led me right where I needed to be. He always knows best!

(Video published 1/28/2021)

How I Ended Up With Rabbit Dogs Part 2

Follow up video to the history of BOF:

What happened to the bird dogs? What beagles did I start with & how many?

What are some things Larry told me?

The story of the first pup I bought.

(Video published 2/2/2021)

The Story Of The 1st Time I Dealt With A Dog Trader

This is a funny story about the first time I bought dogs from someone other than Larry & ran Julie & Blue with the guy's dogs.

Be careful that your walk can back up your talk.

Let the dogs do the talking (Video published on 2/4/2021)

You Are Someone's Hero

Avery helping me with a message I hope will be a blessing to you.

What kind of example are we being to the youngsters in our life?

What kind of hero are you?

You are someone's hero!

What lessons can we learn from children?

(Video published on 3/31/2021)

Hell Or High Water

Is your overflow working properly in your life?

Are things going where they need to?

How do I introduce my dogs to water the first time?

Problems I encounter with my ponds who it rains too much. (Video published on 4/1/2021)

Trust & Faithful

How is being faithful tied to trust?

Why is it so important to be faithful?

This video shows a worker at BOF who is faithful & can be trusted to do a good job. Without being faithful or being someone who can be trusted you won't find success.

(Video published on 4/22/2021)


Sulfur Blocks Are Part Of Managing Rabbits

Avery the CEO helping Pops with a video

How do you use use sulfur blocks to help your rabbits?

What do sulfur blocks help with?

Where do you use them?

Some footage of Avery putting sulfur blocks to use

We are to be salt & light to the world

Are you emptying your bucket daily?

(Video published on 8/3/23)

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