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Beagles On Fire


I went rabbit hunting for the first time as a kid but didn’t get my own dogs until 2002. I was very fortunate to meet Larry Naylor from Medon, Tn who got me started with some real fine dogs. I bought a pack of 4 & had a blast that first year. After that, I wanted a pup to train. I got 3 pups. Hunter (the retrieving beagle) was one of those pups. I thought that would be all the beagles I’d ever run. I never intended to raise, train, & sell dogs. I planned on just having a small pack of dogs & just doing some rabbit hunting but I got bit by the sheer joy of hearing a pack of dogs blistering a rabbit. I also found that when I wanted to get another beagle from someone, other than Larry, I was met with lies, over rated dogs, dealing with dog traders who called every dog they had a jump dog, & more nonsense (BS) than you can imagine. I decided then that if I could ever have the right facilities I wanted to create a place where fellow beaglers could buy a good solid dog from an honest person with no BS. I believe we have done that & I’m proud of what we have created.

I am NOT a dog trader. A dog trader will buy a dog today & sell it tomorrow. Dog traders don’t raise dogs. They buy dogs & take in trades. The majority (probably 90 - 95%) of the dogs I sell are dogs that were born, raised, & trained here. We know the dogs we sell. In most cases, the parents are in our kennel as well as brothers or sisters of the dog for sale. If you’re tired of all the lies, etc let Beagles On Fire show you a difference.

I show dogs in the field, not in a running pen or training pen, before you buy them. I have nothing to hide. I can’t please everyone but we will always do our part to try. I’ve had a few people that I couldn’t help but after dealing with them I don’t know that any one could please them. I try very hard to have dogs that will impress most people & normally if someone will watch them run & is serious about buying a dog they’ll buy something. I want the person buying the dog to be comfortable with what they’re spending their money on before they spend any money.

I think you will find our website to be an enjoyable experience as you go on the different pages. I work hard to make it a site that’s full of information but is easy to navigate through.

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