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Series On Types Of Beagles

This is a series of videos that I made which explains terminology we use to describe different beagles strengths, weaknesses, etc. Each of these videos contain helpful information that most people will find helpful. It's best to watch them in order as some info is related to a previous episode.

Episode 1: Puppies

Good information on puppies like gestation period, how long it takes for eyes to open, when do they tick up, etc. mixed with some life truths. There's also several cute puppy pics at the end. 

Episode 2: Pup Trainers

Good information on pup trainers:

What is a pup trainer? What role do they play?

Why do we use them? 

What's the benefits of owning Pup Trainers?

****If you are a grandparent or have kids please watch this, I think you'll find some truths that you will enjoy!

Episode 3: Started Dogs Part 1

This has a lot of information about Started Dogs:

Some tips on starting a dog?

What age do I start mine?

How old is too old to start a dog?

How long does it take?

What is a Started Dog at BOF?

Whaat's a tagline?

What do you do if your young dog doesn't start right away?

To get anywhere you have to get started

Episode 4: Started Dogs Part 2

What are some issues you may encounter the 1st trip to the field?

What level of stimulation do you start with on the shock collar?

Do you beat the brush for the young dog?

What does it mean when a young dog's "lightbulb" turns on?

What do you need to do with a BOF Started Dog to get it to become a finished dog?

Episode 5: Started Dogs Part 3

Wrap up on the Started Dog

Sometimes dogs can get worn out from the training pen & need rest.


The Process song

Episode 6: Finished Dog

What are the characteristics of a true finished dog?

How do you finish a dog out?

How do you introduce a young dog to the gun?

Episode 7: Trash Runners

What is a trash runner?

Story about Lucy

What do you do if your dog runs trash?

Some crazy methods that people have used in the past to break dogs that to me seem inhumane & ineffective?

How to break a dog from running trash?

Why you don't want a trash runner in your pack that is not corrected?

Do you shock dogs as soon as you see a deer when there's a race going on?

Episode 8: Tell On Em Dog / Tattletales

What is a tattle tale dog?

What's the fastest way to know the race is not a rabbit?

Tips on how to know if dogs are running a deer when you don't own a tattle tale dog.

You can use a true tattle tale dog to check a dog you're looking at to buy.

The Cutie Pie story

Episode 9: Lead Dog

What is a lead dog?

What are the characteristics of a lead dog?

11 skills of a good leader

A good leader will know how to follow when it's needed or required

Episode 10: Check Dog

Extra info on lead dog

Story about the 3rd beagle I ever bought named Julie

What is a check dog?

What value does a check dog have in your pack?

Episode 11: Me Too Dog

What is a Me Too dog?

How many people care nothing about you or your dogs until it's time to hunt?

How many Me Too friends do you have?

Episode 12: Show Dog

What is a Show dog?

Story about the time David Russell & I showed our dogs at a field trial.

What does the term "Confirmation" mean?

Episode 13: Walkie Talkie Dogs

Little more on Show dogs

What is a Walkie Talkie dog?

What are some names people call "Walkie Talkie" dogs?

What is "line control"?

What can we learn from the Walkie Talkie Dog?

Episode 14: Stud Dogs

What is a Stud dog?

What characteristics do you look at in a stud dog?

Funny hunting stories about my father

Information & history on some of my stud dog

Episode 15: Fast Dogs

What is a fast dog?

Is speed the only thing that's important?

What does it mean when a dog outruns his nose?

Why is control important? 

What does it mean when we say a dog has brains?

Episode 16: Loose Mouth vs Tight Mouth Dogs

What is a loose mouth dog?

What is a tight mouth dog?

Can you correct a loose mouth dog?

How do you correct it in a young dog?

How does a smart experienced dog respond to a loose mouth dog?

Why is a tight mouth dog important to your pack?

Episode 17: Brag Dogs

What is a brag dog?

Stories about some of my brag dogs

Story of the first time I ran with someone & dealt with a dog trader

Episode 18: Jump Dog

What is a jump dog?

What is the role of a jump dog?

Do you train a beagle to be a jump dog?

Does the hardest hunting dog always get the jump?

Episode 19: Track Dog

What is a track dog?

How important is it to have a track dog?

Story about Maggie

Can you call your dogs off of the track?

Episode 20: Gun shy / Skittish Dog

What is a gun shy dog?

What is a skittish dog?

Is being gun shy a hereditary trait?

How should you introduce a young dog to the gun?

What does the term "jump shoot" mean?

Story about a 5 month old beagle that was shot over & it made her gun shy?

What's the best way to fix a gin shy dog?

What are some methods people have used to try to fix a gun shy dog?

Episode 21: Registered vs Grade Dogs

Extra info on lead dog

Story about the 3rd beagle I ever bought named Julie

One more thing on the gun shy dog

What is a registered dog?

What is a grade dog?

Why does this topic divide beaglers so much?

Why can't we be more united as beaglers?

What are some of the registries that are out there?

A couple of stories about some dogs related to registered & grade dogs.

Can papers be falsified?

What value does a check dog have in your pack?

Episode 22: 13" vs 15" Dogs

How is a beagle measured?

Does the size affect their speed?

Can a 13" run with a 15" dog with no problem?

How are the 2 classifications determined & what is the purpose?

Episode 23: Field Trial Dogs

Funny admission on a mistake I made on what I said in Episode 22 on 13" vs 15" dogs

What are some styles of field trials?

What are some of the rules?

What does the term "getting too much rabbit" mean?

What is the AKC code of ethics?

Story of showing dogs to a guy who brought his brother who was an ARHA judge

Story of winning a puppy derby at the only field trial I've ever been to

Episode 24: Hunting Dogs

One more word on Field Trial Dogs

What is a hunting dog?

Why were beagles developed in the beginning?

Why do most people get into beagling?

What makes a hunting dog?

What is the root of the sport?

Are you rooted in the sport?

What motivates me to do what I do?

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