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Current & Future Litters

We do not have any pups for sale. We have litters on the ground most of the time but all of the pups are started & then tough decisions are made as to what gets sold. I usually have a good idea about how many pups I will keep out of a litter before I even breed the dogs.

It gets tough to make the decision on what to hold on to & what to let go of because the whole litter normally turns out to be very good. The reason they do is because of all the work Larry Naylor did for over 50 years, culling hard to get it to the point that I can breed dogs & get very good results consistently. I usually make my decisions based on color, sex, or how good one’s mouth is because the hunt, brains, & handle will be real close most of the time.

I decided back in 2009 not to sell puppies any more. The reason for my decision was:

I love starting pups & turning them into young rabbit dogs.

Though they would make great pets, it would be a shame not to make them rabbit dogs due to their ability.

If I start them before I sell them, they will represent our kennel well. I look at it this way: People will judge my kennel by what they see my dogs do in the field. I would rather be judged on my training than to be judged on someone else’s training. If someone sees one of the young pups at 5-6 months old absolutely burning a rabbit up while they’re hunting with you they will say: “where did you get that pup?” & they want to get one from us but if I sold it as an unstarted puppy & it was just hanging around your feet not performing at all they would say: “where did you get that thing?” When you mention Beagles on Fire they would say: “They raise junk! I don’t need to call them for a dog.”

I know there are plenty of people who can train a beagle & get one started but I figure if I start my pups I’ll always know I haven’t sold a dog that won’t hunt because they’re hunting when they leave here. I've worked very hard to build a great reputation as a person who sells excellent started dogs & that is honest so it's working well this way.

The best way to know about a man's product, his word, & his honesty is to hear what his customers say about him.

I try to live by this: " If it ain't broke don't fix it"

Crosses Made So Far In 2023

This is what I currently have bred & when they are due. NONE are available for sale or deposit. They will all be started & then sold as started dogs after they are posted up for sale. This usually happens when the dogs are 5-8 months old. It just depends on how quickly they catch on. Nothing will be rushed to just put something out there. I do keep a few each year but it's a small number usually.

Dam/Sire                              Due Date                                                 Date of Birth                   Total Born              Total Now        Males            Females


Fireball/Pedro                  3/27-4/1                                                          3/30/23                                  8                                     8                      5                          3        

Cheer/Awesome              3/29-4/3                                                           4/1/23                                     8                                     2                      1                           1

Black Briar/Uga              3/29-4/3                                                          3/29/23                                  9                                     8                      6                          2

Juke/Pedro                        3/29-4/3                                                          3/29/23                                  10                                   8                      6                          2

Pride/Uga                          4/5-10                                                               4/10/23                                  11                                     7                       3                          4

Depants/Charger          5/2-7                                                                    5/5/23                                     8                                    8                      4                          4

Carolina/Charger         5/27-31                                                               5/29/23                                   6                                    6                      3                           3   

Cinnamon/Pedro         6/11-16                                                                6/21/23                                    8                                    6                      5                           1         Summertime/Pedro    7/7-12                                                                7/13/23                                     7                                    5                      3                          2

Strawberry/Pedro        7/13-18                                                               7/13/23                                     8                                   8                      4                          4

Reba/Kirby                      7/29-8/2                                                            8/1/23                                      5                                    5                      2                           3

Midnight/Uga               7/29-8/2                                                             8/5/23                                     1                                     1                       1                           

Classy/Tracker              7/31-8/4                                                              7/31/23                                    7                                    5                      3                            2

Oreo/Pepper                 7/29-8/2                                                             7/31/23                                    7                                    6                     2                            4

Josie/Pedro                      8/4-9                                                                 8/13/23                                    7                                    7                      5                            2

Bailey/Charger             9/2-7                                                                   9/8/23                                     6                                   6                      5                            1

Dekeys/Charger          10/15-20

Diamond/Charger     11/3-8

Domino/Pepper         11/7-12

Fancy/Pedro                11/7-12

Happy Girl/Awesome 11/14-19






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