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Shot Records For BOF Dogs

Any young started dog purchased here will have had the following shots:

5 in 1 shot @ 6 weeks old

Bordetella (Kennel cough) shot @ 8 weeks old

5 in 1 shot @ 9 weeks old

9 in 1 shot @12 weeks old

Wormed @ 3,4,5,7,12, & 16 weeks old

Cocci treatment @ 5 weeks old

Started on ivermectin for heart worm prevention @ 4-5 months old (given the 1st of each month)

Started on valbazen for tapeworm & other intestinal type worms @ 4-5 months old (given the 15th of each month)

The following is the info you need to know about the started dogs:

The started dog was trained with a shock collar & is used to coming to the tone button being used when you call the dog back to you. The dog knows to respond to that. If the dog does not come back use a little stimulation to get their attention. (None of my dogs have been abused by a shock collar prior to purchase)

****If you choose to not use a shock collar don't call me complaining that you can't get the dog back or expect the dog to handle as well as it did when it was shown to you.

**** The started dog has not had a gun fired around it, over it, or anywhere close to it. If you will refrain from jump shooting or shooting with the dog in close proximity to you, you will be fine. I've never had a dog to be gun-shy when the gun was introduced properly.

If you are more interested in killing rabbits than the development & progress of the young dog then I would suggest you buy finished dogs. A dog that is ruined by not introducing the gun properly totally the person's responsibility that shot too close to the dog!

***You are strongly urged to keep your dog on a regular monthly heart worm prevention. If you choose to not use anything the dog can develop heart worms which is very hard on the dog & it is a lengthy process to get rid of them.

**** A good dog food is also the key to a healthy dog. I use a dog food with a protein/fat ratio of 26/18. Watch the dog's stool. If it is firm all is good but if it is loose all the time it could be the dog food you are feeding is the problem.

***It is very important that you run the started dog as much as possible with other good dogs. If you leave the dog in the pen & don't run it or you run your young dog with trashy dogs you can expect to have problems. Those who have been the most successful have really put a lot of time into the dogs. The results have been amazing. You get out of the dog what you put in.

***It is pretty common for a young dog to take a little while to warm up to a new owner so spend some time with the dog & let 

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