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In an effort to let customers know as soon as I have dogs available for sale, I have purchased a program to allow you to sign up to receive email messages as soon as I have dogs for sale.  As many of you know we were using a text alert system but due to changes in that industry we have decided to use an email alert system. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND SIGN UP FOR THESE ALERTS. I only had phone numbers and not email address as you know, so I cannot transfer you into this alert system.  You will need to provide your information below to be placed once again on the alert system. It only takes a few seconds to complete. 

I strongly urge you to use this service because this is the fastest way to find out about dogs that are available for sale. My phone number will be in every email so please DO NOT RESPOND TO THE EMAIL, BUT PLEASE CALL THE NUMBER PROVIDED.  I will continue to respond to calls first and the email alert serves only as an alert.  

If you want a very good explanation of how this works & the best way to try to get a dog from Beagles On Fire watch the video below. Click on the below button & get signed up by following the instructions.

Explanation Of How The Text Alert System Works

The Email Text Alert System

This video explains how to sign up & how the system works, etc

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