Rabbits For Sale

I have been raising rabbits for the last 2 years to train my dogs with. I use them to introduce young dogs to as well as for my training pen. I have increased my operation to the point that I can now sell rabbits to the public.

i am raising dutch rabbits & calico rabbits. The dutch rabbits are the same size as wild cottontails. The calico rabbits are slightly bigger. I’ve had great success with both when used to train dogs.

If you want some just call me & if I have some ready you can buy them. If I am out of rabbits ready to go, I will put you on a list. I will call when I have yours ready. At that point if you can’t get them in a reasonable time (within 2-3 days) your order will go to the end of the list.

If you get about 3 of these rabbits & show them to your pups it should make a big difference in how quick your pups start if they are bred right. (Check out my training young dogs videos)

Price is: $20 per live rabbit  

Bring your own cage for transportation

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