Credit Card Purchases

THIS PAGE STILL IN PROGRESS****Do NOT Enter Credit Card Info To Purchase A Dog Without Calling Me First.

I try everything I can to make the purchase of dogs as easy & fair to everyone as I can. My word is my bond & I'll always keep my word. The reason I can't have people just going on here & using a credit card prior to talking to me is for the following reasons:

I might be out showing the dog to someone. 

If someone has called to schedule a showing within a reasonable amount of time & I've given them my word that I'll show it to them then I won't sell it out from under them.

Someone may have already bought the dog & it hasn't been marked sold on the website yet. (I try to update it right away when one sells but some days get crazy)

Communication is the key to everything so if you call & I tell you the dog is available, & you want it, then proceed right away before something changes with someone else calling. 

****We are still working on getting this set up so it should be ready very soon.  












Air transport - NOT INCLUDING AIRLINE TICKET - Included in this charge is an airline approved crate, Rabies vaccine and health certificate as required by airline.

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